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Mr. Winston Jin from Fangben Law Office recently visited the Six Arts Museum with his friends and wrote an excellent article Chinese Culture Preserved and Displayed by A US Lawyer, which was later posted on Fangben Law Office official WeChat account.

We are pleased to have obtained Mr. Jin’s permission to repost his bilingual article on our Six Arts Museum WeChat account.


Chinese Culture Preserved and Displayed by A US Lawyer

金春卿/Winston Jin | 方本律师事务所/Fangben Law Office

日前,我花了半天时间与几位欧商会的朋友一起访问了位于著名水乡黎里的六悦博物馆,也有幸与该博物馆的主人MITCH DUDEK先生聊了一聊。

Recently, I spent half a day with several friends of the European Association Suzhou (DUSA) visiting the Six Arts Museum located in a famous water land named Lili, and also had the great hornor to chat with the owner of this museum, Mr. DUDEK.

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The Six Arts Museum is a private museum. I was overwhelmed by the intelligent insight of the government of Wujiang District who made such a meritorious move. In this way, the disappearing traditional culture is preserved in this bankrupt old factory. Therefore, the immortal civilization created by our ancestors could be passed on to the future generations.

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As a lawyer, I can not help sharing my two feelings.


My first feeling is that although it is impossible for lawyers to become very rich, the meaning that MITCH has achieved such a great cultural undertaking outside of the legal profession is far beyond money! MITCH came to China in 1981 and became a lawyer. In addition to his high achievements in the legal profession, he also traveled thousands of miles collecting 100,000 Chinese antiques, of which only four-tenths are on display. These antiques come from more than 10 provinces in China, so it is not easy to get them.

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My second feeling is that our traditional culture is preserved and displayed by an American. Many people who first heard that the Six Arts Museum is one belong to an American always firstly thought that the owner should be an American Chinese or he may be an American who married a Chinese wife. In fact, none of this is true. He is just an American from a small city in Ohio. Most of the time, a Golden Retriever named Rambo accompanied him.

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Under his guidance, we visited a street to be completed soon. Antiques from all around of China, including gatehouses, stones, wooden stairs, windows, drum-shaped bearing stone, and even some with Tibetan architectural styles, were rebuilt by the original sample, repaired as before, and combined into a whole street.

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It seems that this is the place I must visit many times!

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