• Gallery Collections

    With over 30 amazing galleries

    spread over four floors in our spacious 18,000 sq.ft.

    re-purposed cosmetics factory building

    in Lili Ancient Water Village,

    there really is something for everyone at

    Six Arts Museum

  • Remarkable Stone Carvings

    Be astonished by Six Arts' Ten Thousand Buddha Grotto, with each chamber containing an ancient carved stone deity statue, which is our artistic interpretation of the famous Longmen (Dragon Gate) Grottoes.

    Phenomenal Temple Arts

    Be captivated by an amazing and exceptionally large collection of antique shrines and ancient temple art pieces originating from Ming and Qing Dynasty temples, community halls, buildings and homes

    Astonishingly Beautiful Ancient Carvings

    Be captivated by our awe-inspiring Architectural Carvings Gallery, which includes a wondrous collection of spectacular carvings which were originally incorporated into magnificent Ming and Qing Dynasty courtyard homes, buildings and temples

    Ornate Antique Baskets & Boxes

    Experience multiple galleries which display a dazzling array of dowry, gift and many other types, shapes and sizes of antique boxes and baskets and other folk art from years gone by.

    Awesome Rustic Antique Doors

    Discover a fascinating collection of spectacular ancient doors commissioned to leading artisans of the day by officials, warlords, monks, landlords and leading families in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

    Exquisite Ancient Windows

    See first-hand one of world's largest collections of Ming and Qing Dynasty carved and lattice windows, originating from all parts of China - each piece a stunning work of art in its own right.

    Intriguing Ming and Qing Dynasty Signs

    Ponder a fascinating and beautiful collection of antique carved and painted signs , many dated according to the year of the reign of the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

    Superb Antique Furniture & Furnishings

    Enjoy one of China's largest and most astonishing collections of antique Chinese furniture and furnishings, beautifully displayed in east meets west, old meets new, brightly colored settings.

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    Brief Introductions to Our Ancient Arts Galleries

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