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Exquisite Stone Carvings Gallery

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Suzhou Six Arts Museum

Chinese stone carving has a long history and it can be chased back to 4,000 years ago. Six Arts Museum exhibits a spectacular collection of more than 150 pieces of exquisite stone carvings, showing the carving techniques inclusive of relief, round-carving, line-engraving from brick carving to stone lions and stone statues.

Suzhou Six Arts Museum

Stone carving is common to be found in decoration elements. Stone texture has hard wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, so mostly used in buildings such as threshold, column, railings, steps and so on.

Suzhou Six Arts Museum

These stone carvings express the beauty of fortitude, exquisiteness, generous and luxurious. They are passing on the cultural atmosphere under the history of a particular humanistic historical background, showing national characteristics. Appreciate these different forms of stone carving, perceiving the artistic charm of stone carving and let us quietly listen to them tell us the story of the past ...

Suzhou Six Arts Museum

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