• Traditional Performing Arts

    A Dazzling Array of Spectacular

    Traditional Chinese Music and Performing Arts
    Performances & Classes

    Will be Available at Six Arts Museum

    Enchanting Lion Dancers
    Amazing Acrobats
    Playful Monkey King
    Peking / Suzhou Opera Singers
    Delightful Musicians & Many More

    Live Music and Art Performances

    Are Something You Do

    - Not Just Watch -

    At Six Arts

  • Peking Opera


    Magical Mask Changing

    Kung Fu


    Suzhou Pingtan

  • Traditional Arts & Crafts


    Traditional Chinese Folk Arts & Crafts

    Performances & Classes

    Dragon Name Calligraphy
    Rope Knotting / Flour Creations
    Mask Painting / Fan Making
    Silk Weaving / Shadow Puppets
    and Much More


    Embrace Your Artistic Side

    Learn From the Artisans and Masters at

    Six Arts

  • Calligraphy

    Opera Mask Painting

    Flour People Making

    Knot Tying

    Paper Cutting

    Silk Embroidery

  • Traditional Arts & Crafts and Performing Arts

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